First of all, thank you very much for purchasing one of our items.
Our team is here to help you solve any problems that are related to our items and provide High Quality Support with no extra cost.
In order to fix any problems you may have with our items, you have 3 options:
  1. Visit the brand new Help Center and search for a solution
  2. Submit a ticket (you will need the purchase code from CodeCanyon or ThemeForest)
  3. Send us an email from our profile on CodeCanyon or ThemeForest (with the account you purchased our items)

Note that we provide support only to verified customers and only by using one of the options that we mentioned above. These options will verify that you purchased one of our items automatically and you don’t have to take any further actions.

If you have any problems with your account on our site and you can’t submit a support ticket, please let us know by sending us an email from our “Contact” page.