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JT Events widget gives you the option to display your events in a list, grid or slideset in any widget area of your theme. On this page you can find all available “Slideset Styles”. Please, visit our Help Center for more info about JT Events widget.

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  • Free massage

    Come and enjoy our free massage day! Our experts will take care of you!

    09 July

    JT Office

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  • Wine Day

    Don't miss the wine day in our town! We are waiting for you!

    07 November - 20 November

    JT Office

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  • Most beautiful landscapes

    The most spectacular landscapes from all over the world

    08 December - 30 December

    JT Office

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  • Kids Party

    The best event for kids is here! Come and let your kids play with balloons, toys and more!

    10 December - 12 December

    JT Playground

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