Add custom content on event’s single page

With JT Event Calendar 8.0.0 (or greater) you are able to add custom content (e.g. advertisements, banners, links or something else) on an event's single page using the instructions you can find on this tutorial. Custom content can be added almost on every section of an event's single page. For example, you can add an advertisement just below event's featured image, before or after event's special guests list etc. Let's see now the code that gives us the option to do this:
function my_jtec_content() {
    echo '<p>This is a custom text.<p>'; 
add_filter('jtec_page_after_featured_image', 'my_jtec_content');
Let's explain now what this code does.

1. The filter

The last row of the code says that we want to display our content after event's featured image. In order to display your content on another section, you have to change jtec_page_after_featured_image with something else. You can find all available filters at the end of this tutorial.

2. The content

In our my_jtec_content function, we define the content we want to display after event's featured image. We can add text, links, Google Adsense code, images, videos, shortcodes or something else. However, note that this content will be displayed on all event single pages.  

Available Filters

  • jtec_page_after_featured_image
  • jtec_page_after_gallery
  • jtec_page_after_countdown_timer
  • jtec_page_after_registration
  • jtec_page_after_special_guests
  • jtec_page_after_schedule
  • jtec_page_after_map
  • jtec_page_after_title
  • jtec_page_after_short_info
  • jtec_page_after_details
  • jtec_page_after_content
  • jtec_page_after_tickets
  • jtec_page_after_video
  • jtec_page_after_products (after event's WooCommerce Products)
  • jtec_page_after_comments
  • jtec_page_before_sponsors
  • jtec_page_after_sponsors
  • jtec_page_after_media_sponsors