JT Recipes gives you the option to display your recipes everywhere on your WordPress site by using a shortcode.

To do this, please create a new page on your site and follow these instructions:


Basic Shortcode

By uing the shortcode [recipes] you can display 4 recipes in a grid (default grid style from the widget).


Advanced Shortcode

We know that you want to have flexibility when you create your site, so we added some options to the shortcode. By using the following attributes, you can define a few more things:


title: The title of the list. Usage: [recipes title=”Homemade Recipes”]

num: The number of recipes you want to display. Default value is: 4. Usage: [recipes num=”8″]

cat: A specific category of your recipes. Note that you have to use the category’s slug. Usage: [recipes cat=”salads”]

orderby: Display recipes based on ID, title or rand (random order). Usage: [recipes orderby=”rand”].

order: Display recipes in an Ascending (ASC) or Descending (DESC) order. Usage: [recipes order=”DESC”].

style: The list’s style you want to use on your site. Usage: [recipes style=”two-columns”].


The available styles are:



grid, grid-2, five-columns, large-image, large-image-2, overlay-text, two-columns



slideset, slideset-2, large-image-slideset, slideset-two-columns, slideset-two-columns-2