JT Reviews comes with a shortcode that lets you add your reviews everywhere on your WordPress site.

Please, read the following instructions in order to learn how to use the shortcode:


Basic Shortcode

By uing the shortcode


you can display all reviews in a grid.


Advanced Shortcode

We know that you want to have flexibility when you create your site, so we added some options to the shortcode. By using the following attributes, you can define a few more things:

  • title: The title of the list. Usage:
    [reviews title="Movie Reviews"]
  • num: The number of reviews you want to display. Default value is: 4. Usage:
    [reviews num="4"]
  • cols: The number of columns you want to create for the list. Default value is: 4 columns. Usage:
    [reviews cols="2"]
  • cat: A specific category of your reviews. Note that you have to use the category’s slug. Usage:
    [reviews cat="movie-reviews"]
  • style*: The list’s style you want to use on your site. Default style is: grid. Usage:
    [reviews style="slider"]
  • orderby: Order your list’s reviews by ID, title, date, author and rand (random order). Usage:
    [reviews orderby="rand"]
  • order: Order your list’s reviews in an ascending (ASC) or descending (DESC) order. Default value is: DESC. Usage:
    [reviews order="ASC"]

*The available styles are: grid, grid-2, grid-3, grid-4, grid-5, grid-list, grid-simple, slider, slider-2, slider-3, slider-large, list, list-2, list-3



Versions 1.2+ includes the new shortcode


that you can use in order to display a specific review on any page. It adds a box with review’s basic info and a link to the review’s page. This shortcode comes with the following attributes:

  • slug: The slug of the review you want to display. For example, if you have a review called “The Forest” with slug “the-forest”, you have to add
    [single_review slug="the-forest"]
  • style: The style you want to use for review’s box. There are three styles available: default, default-2 and default-3. Usage:
    [single_review slug="the-forest" style="default-2"]