How it works

JT Travel Booking is easy to use for both site’s admins and end users. On this page, you can find more info on how this plugin works.


Before starting, we have to clarify that at this time JT Travel Booking doesn’t offer any online booking options where users can purchase an offer using a payment gateway. The plugin gives site’s admin the option to provide travel destinations and a booking form that end users can use in order to send their personal info via email.


Step 1

Site’s admin adds available destinations using JT Travel Booking plugin. During this process, the admin (Travel Agency) sets the following:

  1. Trip’s duration
  2. Available periods and departure dates
  3. Trip’s cost
  4. Basic Info
  5. Daily program
  6. Available Hotels
  7. Provisions
  8. What people can do during a trip
  9. Booking Info
  10. Destination’s default image


Step 2

End users can check the available destinations using JT Destinations widget that comes with JT Travel Booking plugin or via the archive page that includes all destinations.

Using the “Booking Form” they can find on a destination’s page, interested users can send their personal info via email to site’s admin. After that, the Travel Agency (site’s admin) can contact these users and confirm the booking.

NEW: Admins can also check the bookings by using the new “Bookings” page in their WordPress admin page.

Do you have any problems with JT Travel Booking?