Responsive Design

With the term Responsive Design we mean the adjustment of a website to the screens of multiple devices (computers, tablets and smartphones) in order to provide the best user experience to all visitors of a website.

If your website doesn’t make use of Responsive Design, then the visitors that use a smartphone or tablet to visit it will not stay for a long time because they can’t find the info they want easily and quickly. This has as a result to lose potential customers and money.

Do I have to change the overall design in order to make use of Responsive Design?

No, you can keep your website’s old design and create a new mobile-friendly design for all users that visit your website from a smartphone or tablet. This mobile-friendly design can be the same or different from the desktop version.

How much does it cost?

The cost of this service depends on your website’s size and the number of changes we have to make in order to make it fully functional on smartphones and tablets. However, note that this service is available for almost any kind of website, even if it is static, dynamic or e-shop.

My website is very old. Can I still make use of Responsive Design;

Most of the times the answer is yes! Responsive Design has to do with the presentation of your website’s content on computers, smartphones and tablets. If you wish to keep the old desktop version of your website’s design, then you can get only a new mobile-friendly version for those who visit your website from a smartphone or tablet. However, if you want to change the overall design, then you can check our Website Redesign service.