In order to achieve the best possible results for your website, we collaborate with you during all processes of your website’s creation.

Every website we create is a new challenge for us and we do our best in order to make it look beautiful, stand our from the competition and at the same time serve its purpose.

On this page you can find all steps we follow in order to create your website. These are:

1st Stage

1. Requirement Analysis

We discuss with you in order to understand and record your needs. This gives us the option to have a complete picture of what you need in order to promote your business online.

2. Choosing Appropriate Tools

Once we have mapped your needs, we will choose the tools we will need in order to create your new website. For each project we take, we choose the tools that will help us create an original, fast, functional, safe and user-friendly website that will promote your business in the best possible way.


2nd Stage

1. Website Design

Your website is the image of your business on the internet. For this reason, before building your new website, we create the design we will use on it. Our philosophy is to create a modern and unique design for every project in order to make it stand out from the competition. Your website should use the latest trends on web design, make use of Responsive Design and have a modern and up to date design.

2. Website Development

Based on your needs, we choose the best solution for your website. Even if you need a website based on a Content Management System (CMS) or a custom website built from scratch, we are to help you get the most out of it. On this stage we create your website based on the content (text, posts, images and videos) you provided to us.


3rd Stage

1. Checking Website

Before uploading your website, we check it in order to find and fix any bugs and problems there are on both the frontend and the backend.

2. Changes

We also give you the option to browse the pages of your new website and suggest any changes or improvements. This step gives you the option to change a few things on your website before going live.


4th Stage

We are now ready to upload your new website. However, our partnership doesn’t end here. We provide high quality support to all of our customers in order to help them fix any problems they might have on their website, easily and in a few hours.