With version 6.0.0 of our JT Event Calendar plugin for WordPress, you can add a “Registration Form” on every event’s single page and give users the option to register to your events.

How it works

The form displays 7 fields that users have to fill in in order to register to an event. These are:

  • –  First Name
  • –  Last Name
  • –  Email
  • –  Phone Number
  • –  Number of Persons
  • –  Day
  • –  Time


When a user registers to an event, the plugin informs you by:

  • –  Sending an email notification to your email address
  • –  Adding an entry to the brand new “Event Registrations” page on your site’s admin page


However, by default the “Email Notification” is disabled and you have to enable it in order to receive an email when a user registers to one of your events. In order to do that, please go to “Events > Settings” page on your site’s admin page and enable “Email Notification” under the “Registration Form” tab.


The “Event Registrations” page

This page displays a list with all registrations that were made by using the new “Registration Form” with all user’s info.

You can use this page in order to check these registrations and make any changes.


If you have any problems with the “Registration Form”, please submit a new ticket and we will reply as soon as possible.